Chemainus River - Copper Canyon

Here is an Island Classic within 1.5 hours of Victoria. Super fun class IV canyons with one V that is not walkable. Most everything else is scoutable and walkable, especially for the one portage, which has thin line and an even larger cave/undercut to be swept into if you wander off that line!

The scene at the "secret" put in, aka drive a little further past the gate at the parking lot until you feel like stopping to paddle...

Jakub Drnec shows us a smooth ride down "Power-house" the first major rapid. Jakub is a local legend and one of about six or so boaters who claimed most of the first descents on the Island.

Looking up at the fun little double boof in there, tree is now gone thanks to some craft local boaters.

Shayne Vollmers, another Van Isl. Whitewater legend, looking up at a fun little boof drop.

 Drop before huge headwall.


Massive head wall/canyon entrance

This is the last big rapid (excluding the take out drop). Enter going right-left, watch out for your left elbow and ride it out!

Drop from the tributary at the take out (river left), no thanks, more water and my boat might enjoy that!

Loaded van at the take out!

There are a few other bigger drops in the canyon I do not have pictures of, so I apologize. Thanks to Joe Box and Tim Dunbrack for photos.

Length - ~12 km (1.5-4 hours)
Put in/Take out Map
River level - Online Gauge (15-40 cms)
For a more detailed description on the run please visit the BC Whitewater Page


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